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 Application to join the 101st

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PostSubject: Application to join the 101st   Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:45 pm

Please specify if you are wanting to apply for the 101st or the 101bac.

1. Name: (Your IN GAME Name, not your forum name, though we prefer them to be the same.)
2. Race:
3. Galaxy: (Which galaxy are you in?)
4. Production: (Metal, Crystal, Tritium, and Energy, all per hour, include stockyard values if you like.)
5. Points: (What points are your planet(s) currently at? (Minimum of 3000 for the 101st and 500 for the 101BAC)
6. Play style: (Do you prefer large fleets, trading, or defending?)
7. Experience: (Did you play in the previous beta?)
8. Why: (Why do you want to join 101st?)
9. What: (What do you offer us?)
10. Something: (Tell us something unique or interesting about you.)

Note: The 101st reserves the right to modify these questions and requirements to join at any time with out prior notice.
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Application to join the 101st
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