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 101-BAC Information

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PostSubject: 101-BAC Information   Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:04 pm

STATUS: [ON] off
500 Pop. If you have 2500 or more population, please apply at our main wing: 101


Ranks go by Tier. The tier number represents the thousand character of the population (below marked as an *). Any tier 2 rank is superior to a tier 1 rank. Example: Private Tier 2> Major Tier 1

* Private(Pvt) *000
* Corporal(Cpl) *100
* Specialist(Spc) *200
* Sergeant(Sgt) *300
* Warrant Officer (Wo) *400
* Second Lieutenant(2lt) *500
* First Lieutenant(1lt) *600
* Captain (Cpt) *700
* Major(Maj) *800
* Colonel (Col)*900

Ranks are updated weekly(Saturdays)

Please message Jackknrsh7 with any rank questions.
█▓▒░►League Leadership◄░▒▓█

**** Lieutenant General (Ltg)***
Training Wing LTG's are responsible for recruitment of new members as well as all the management duties of a General from the main wing-
*Current LTG(s)*
Head LTG- Ryanovic

***General (Gen)***
Generals act as not only recruiters but as diplomats to the league. They are responsible for forging alliances, naps, and dealing with foreign affairs. This is the highest rank a league member can achieve. Contact these individuals for diplomatic reasons or for interest in joining our ranks.
*Current GEN(s)*
GEN- Jackknrsh7
GEN- Yertep

For All Questions relating to diplomacy, please contact Jackknrsh7 or Yertep in the main 101 Wing.



101- Wing alliance




Yertep and Jackknrsh7 are working with an already founded league to become our wing. This wing will be a "proving ground" for members wishing to join the 101st. Some of their bigger members will join us here in the 101st, while some of our smaller members will be joining them. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Yertep or Jackknrsh7.

It will soon be mandatory (December 1st) to register and check the forums regularly. This is to keep you all updated on whats going on in the league. Its free and takes all of 5 minutes to register. If you are not registered for the forum by the deadline you risk being booted from the league.
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101-BAC Information
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